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Regions: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil

Technique: varying 

Roast: City+ and Full City (medium and dark)

Notes: praline, dried fruit, body, mild acidity


Great for espresso! 


So, the traveler revisits her home. Welcome back, my dear, to your first love. What coffee was when you fell for it. When you fell into it pour-over-heel. Coffee is a funny thing, is it not? It’s a trap. Like love. We fall in, never to be seen the same again. But it’s a pleasant trap, the great full-bodied plush kraken of love, and we beg others to join us there. “Try this coffee” we say, but we might as well be saying “Join me in Love.” For we’ve gotten lost and we’ve met these pleasureful notes of being lost. If only the world, so concerned as it is, could taste these lostful pleasures. If only. But what can you do, my dear, but set forth again carrying this first love, savoring it’s message as you wander. 


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