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Region: Isale Kivu

Technique: Washed Organic

Roast: Light-Medium

Notes: brown sugar, caramel, five spice, sweet plum, smooth


Africa is a continent of rhythm and balance. The dusty season into the rainy and green into dry. The sound of village drums echoing into each other village, spanning the curvature. Ruthless hearts of men kept balanced and checked by the deepest riches of compassion and generosity, both plentiful here. And at its heart, the Congo. Sip into the beating rhythm of the wildest continent. All it’s fruit; all it’s earth. All it’s brightly shining sun; all it’s smoky plumes. A continent in a cup. But beware, for its wilds aren’t for the faint. Partake only if you must, if you cannot help yourself. Sip carefully as you go. 


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