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Region: Alta Magiana

Technique: natural

Roast: Full City+

Notes: cocoa, walnut, smokey, smooth


A sip... And there you are, just drifting. A wide-brimmed hat making a dot of shade to hide you from the high Amazon sun. An easy paddle stroke corrects your path as the boat rocks gently from a rippling cross current. Behind you, the large boat that brought you. With you, a kindhearted guide. Ahead of you, suddenly, a great burst of water and an flash of striped yellow. You gasp. Your guide smiles. “El tucanaré.” You turn to him. “Peacock bass. Muito delicado.” In that moment you realize the immense provision you are floating upon. The depth of riches extending beyond comprehension. Another sip... and there you are comfortably embraced in the wide arms of nature. A child again as your abuelita sets the warm cocoa in front of you. Taste the rich love, let it go down smoothly. 


Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Recurring
Adjust quantity as needed.
$16.00every month until canceled
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